A Casino Christmas

The holidays are a time for celebrating with family and friends, and a time to show your appreciation to the people in your life that are important to you.  Every year, I get hired to plan the Christmas party for a local CPA firm.  The problem is, we have thrown so many memorable parties, every year we have to top the last year!  Of course, this year was no exception!  To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s a quick glimpse at the last few parties….

We have done The Magic Castle, Club 33, Jillian’s HiLife Bowling, and many other great venues.  Last year, the client wanted to host it at their home, but wanted to keep it fun and entertaining, so we decided to go with a sushi party!  We hired The Sushi Girl, which is a woman who comes to your home and teaches you how to make sushi.  We then decorated the house for an Asian Christmas complete with paper lanterns and Kimonos for all the guests.  It was a huge hit!

IMG_0881 IMG_0856  IMG_0869 IMG_0854  IMG_0851

No one knew how we were going to top last year, but we were up for the challenge.  Again, the client wanted to host in their home, so it was up to me to provide entertainment.  We decided to go for a casino night complete with a craps table, roulette table, blackjack table and fabulous prizes!  The tables were rented from Lady Luck Casino Entertainment and were beautifully crafted and authentic.  They also provided us with wonderful dealers that ran the games and helped teach the people that didn’t know how to play.

EPB-Casino_1 EPB-Casino_24 EPB-Casino_19 EPB-Casino_28EPB-Casino_8 EPB-Casino_2

EPB-Casino_16   EPB-Casino_15

The gaming was so much fun and to make it even better, we had 3 fabulous prizes!  An Apple gift card, nestled in a basket of apples, a little blue box from Tiffany, and a Kindle Fire stacked on a pile of books!

 EPB-Casino_3 EPB-Casino_4 EPB-Casino_6  EPB-Casino_7

Lastly, no party is complete without food and drinks!  The party was catered by Boyz in the Kitchen, who created an incredible menu of interesting appetizers presented in fun ways, including mini martini glass chicken satay, tomato soup shooters and chow mein in mini takeout boxes.  The staff was friendly and 100% on the ball, and the food was delicious!

EPB-Casino_23 EPB-Casino_20  EPB-Casino_18 EPB-Casino_14 EPB-Casino_13 EPB-Casino_12 EPB-Casino_11 EPB-Casino_10 EPB-Casino_9 EPB-Casino_22


For dessert, we decided on a cookie bar.  The client made three different kinds of cookies, her daughter-in-law made one, and I made three kinds as well, for a table piled so full of cookies it would give you a cookie coma!

EPB-Casino_25 EPB-Casino_5

Everyone had an amazing time and said we should do this every year!  I am so grateful to this wonderful couple for allowing me to be a part of their celebration each year and am already thinking about what to do next year!!!  If anyone has any suggestions on what to do to top this party, send them my way!


A Glamorous Proposal

While planning our recent Styled Shoot I came across a great guy looking for a unique way to propose to his girlfriend.  We discussed a few options but in the end, there was a perfect scenario staring us in the face!  I needed models for my shoot, so we decided to combine the two events for one amazing outcome!

In this post I will tell you all about their proposal as well as show you our Gatsby Glam wedding. Our models / happy couple are Brian and Krystle and they are an amazing team!  The theme we chose for them is what I call Gatsby Glam.  It has a 1920’s feel with all the glamour and glitz of the era, reminiscent of Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”.

We selected a strapless lace gown for Krystle and accented it with feathers and a 1920’s style birdcage headpiece.  She had no clue these pictures would serve as her engagement photos as well!  The dress and headpiece were provided by Mary Me Bridal, sash created by me, hair styled by Alexa Brodsky, and makeup by Alicia Wheeler.

For our handsome groom, we went with a super formal look in a white tuxedo jacket and black and white bow tie.  His look was provided by Friar Tux.

Gatsby-20 Gatsby-25 Gatsby-30 Gatsby-34 Gatsby-37 Gatsby-38 Gatsby-46 Gatsby-60

The table decor and flowers were over the top glitz and glam with pearls, feathers, and a whole lotta bling!  When you walk into this wedding you feel as if you have been transported back in time and are an honored guest at the classiest party of the year!  The flowers were designed by Bardwell’s Sun Valley Florist and the rentals were provided by Dolphin Event Services.

Gatsby-1 Gatsby-2 Gatsby-3 Gatsby-65 Gatsby-67 Gatsby-18 Gatsby-24 Gatsby-50 Gatsby-66

As an accent to the decor, we had Art Deco style menus designed by A-Alpha Wedding Invitation Co. and gorgeous Belgian chocolate favor designed by Paachi Chocolates.  For this theme, we also provided a delectable custom cake designed by Dayle Zimmer owner of Baked by The Cake Addict.

Gatsby-63 Gatsby-70 Gatsby-71  Gatsby-10 Gatsby-15 Gatsby-16

Now of course, what you are all dying to know…. She said yes!  After recovering from the shock and confusion (she thought it was part of the shoot) our beautiful pretend bride became a real one!

TheProposal-2 TheProposal-3 TheProposal-20 TheProposal-34 TheProposal-49 TheProposal-51

Congratulations Brian and Krystle and thank you for letting Every Night’s A Ball be part of your special day!!!

Just in case pictures weren’t enough for you, heres a video of the main event!  Keep in mind, this was not a professional video and I am not an editor, lol!


Photos by Mariela Campbell Photography

Event Design and coordination by Every Night’s A Ball

Falling For Fall

If you’re getting married in October the obvious choice is a fall theme, but every season seems to have been done before, so how do you make it different and special?  This was the challenge we took on for this stunning and unique Fall wedding.

The wow factor for this look was the tablescapes, which were elaborate, but not over the top.  It starts with a rustic wooden table and mismatched chairs.  Next we added the fall fabric runner and matching dishware and to finish off the look, of course are the flowers!  The flowers were designed by Bardwell’s Sun Valley Florist.  I love how they used colors that wouldn’t normally scream fall as well as incorporated feathers to create a very unusual and gorgeous fall look.

When you walk into this wedding you feel as if you have been transported into a magical woodland forest where everything is fresh and a good sense of change is in the air.  It’s as if anything can happen.

Fallcollection-28 Fallcollection-9 Fallcollection-10Fallcollection-3 Fallcollection-24 Fallcollection-36 Fallcollection-37 Fallcollection-38 Fallcollection-41

While the table and flowers were quite fancy, the other elements are fairly simple.  The menu cards were created by A-Alpha Wedding Invitation Co.  They continue the soft magical feel of fall in their simple color scheme and beautiful design.  We also added to the table our candy apple favors, and a table number that’s a little glitzy and a little rough.

Fallcollection-15 Fallcollection-21 Fallcollection-23

As an accent to the main event, we created a really fun display for the escort cards.  If you know me, my favorite part of a wedding is escort cards and I like to make them special, so this one was no exception!  Again I mixed rustic and glitz with these and put them in an awesome orange bookshelf to show them off!  We also created a super fun pennant banner that reads, “Fall in Love” to decorate the display.

Fallcollection-8 Fallcollection-4 Fallcollection-5 Fallcollection-6

Finally, we can’t forget the most important part… The happy couple!  The models for this shoot are Isai Jaimes and Amanda J. Warden.  For our groom we went with a classy three-piece suit in a tan color, provided by Friar Tux.  Our brides dress and veil were hand made creations by Joanne Mouser of JoJo Designs.  We wanted the fall theme to be predominant, so we chose a glittering gold gown and beautiful fall leaf jewelry.  Hair styling was done by Cassie Hawkins-Leone and make-up design by Alicia Wheeler.

Fallcollection-50 Fallcollection-52 Fallcollection-67 Fallcollection-75 Fallcollection-80 Fallcollection-82 Fallcollection-83 Fallcollection-85 Fallcollection-91 Fallcollection-98 Fallcollection-99 Fallcollection-104 Fallcollection-106

Event design by Every Night’s a Ball
Photography by Mariela Campbell

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for more wedding and event ideas and inspiration!

A Beautifully Rustic Wedding

Every Night’s a Ball takes on the “Rustic Wedding”

As you know, we recently did a Styled Shoot of four different wedding themes. Today, I would like to tell you about our Rustic Wedding.

This wedding blends a soft, traditional look with a touch of modern. It uses rustic elements such as burlap and lace, mason jars, rattan chargers, wooden chairs, and soft pinks and peaches. To add a modern flair to it, we have paired it with touches of gold, succulents, and beautiful vintage rose dish ware and utensils. The overall feel when you walk into this setting is meant to be relaxing and beautiful. Dolphin Event Services provided the tables, linens and chairs. The table square, on the other hand, was sewn specifically for this shoot and the lace was specially selected for it’s beautiful rose pattern and bright white color.

I imagine this wedding to take place in a vintage rose garden or a barn, with nature and rustic materials providing the background. It is beautiful in a comfortable way, not formal or stuffy in any way. Guests at this wedding can feel free to kick off their shoes and enjoy themselves, with no threat of being rude or inappropriate.

The wedding favors are mason jars with a seedling planted in them for the guests to take home and cultivate. The tags on the jars say, “May the love in your life bloom and grow”. This is a favor that the guests can take home and nurture as the new couple nurtures their marriage.

  Rustic-2   Rustic-4   Rustic-80

The other thing we included in this wedding is the escort cards. Many people get confused over the difference between an escort card and a seating card. To clarify, the escort card is the one that tells the guest which table to sit at, where as a seating card is already at the table designating which seat to sit in. As a planner, escort cards are one of my favorite details that I believe get overlooked often. Many feel it is just a way to let people know where to sit and often just make a paper card for the purpose. To me, it is a keepsake for the guest, and made even more special for them to take home than the favor, because it is personalized with their name on it. I try to do something fun and unique with my escort cards.

Rustic-14   Rustic-13    Rustic-9

The menu cards were custom created for this shoot by A-Alpha Wedding Invitations. They have sweet rustic details including a twine wrap that says, “Daria and Garret tie the knot”.


The centerpiece was a creation conceptualized by me and brought to life by Bardwell’s Sun Valley Florist. The florists at Bardwell’s always deliver beautiful arrangements that go above and beyond my expectations, and this time is no different! The flowers combine soft flowers with succulents for a very unique look.

Rustic-84   Rustic-40   Rustic-3

Our models this shoot are Daria Melusina and Garrett Goldenberg. Mary Me Bridal, a great bridal shop in Orange County, provided the bride’s gown and accessories. We decided to give her a soft feminine look, remaining simple to match the rustic feel, but with just a touch of glitz, to make her feel like a princess! Her hair was done by Cassie Hawkins-Leone and makeup by Alicia Wheeler.

For the groom, we selected a light linen suit to follow the relaxed but still elegant feel. Friar Tux provided the tux and grooms accessories.

Rustic-35    Rustic-50   Rustic-71

Well that’s it for today! Make sure to check back for details on the other 3 themes!

-Photos by Mariela Campbell

4 Weddings and a Proposal!

Hello world!  This is the first of many weekly blog posts from Every Night’s A Ball.  I hope you enjoy it and please let me know if there’s any subject matter you would like me to cover!

A few weeks ago we had an amazing sunday afternoon photo shoot that packed a punch!  With the help of an amazing crew, we styled 4 weddings and also had a real life proposal!  People said it was too much to do in one day, but when I get an idea in my head, I gotta get it out!!  Today I would like to introduce the players, thank everyone involved and give you some behind the scenes peeks!

Our Photographer for the day was the incredible Mariela Campbell!  She was a rockstar, getting amazing photos in record time, keeping us ahead of schedule all day long!  I also want to say a special thanks to her husband Demetrius who helped her all day and is an amazing Videographer in his own right.  They make an amazing team!

Mariela & Demetrius hard at work, and a quick smile from Jessie Ball, Owner of Every Night's A Ball.

Mariela & Demetrius hard at work, and a quick smile from Jessie Ball, Owner of Every Night’s A Ball.

Mariela Cambell, Photographer

Mariela Campbell, Photographer

Some other people I could not have done this without are my amazing family and friends!

My husband, Jake Ball is my partner in crime in life and in business, always supporting me in everything I do.  On the day of the shoot, he was Craft Services, 1st AD, On Set PA, Behind the Scenes Photographer, and anything else I needed him to do!  What an Amazing man!

Secondly, my parents.  My mom was there all day doing anything that was needed of her, including, but not limited to… pinning on boutonnières, helping the models get dressed, and helping set up the tables and decorations.  She has always been my biggest fan and she and my dad have inspired me to follow my dreams!

My friends, Chanel Creary, Ben Chun and Amanda Warden.  Chanel and Amanda helped me during the weeks before the shoot crafting, shopping and planning (these 2 are also my go to assistants on the Job).  All 3 were models for me as well as helping all day during the shoot.  I am so blessed to have friends like these!

Jessie Ball, Chanel Creary and Ben Chun

Jessie Ball, Chanel Creary and Ben Chun

Ben Chun, in addition to being a model, he helped with anything and everything he was asked to do!  What a guy!

Ben Chun, in addition to being a model, he helped with anything and everything he was asked to do! What a guy! (Also pictured, Daria Melusina, model)
Me and My mom, Mary Brodsky, making it happen!

Me and My mom, Mary Brodsky, making it happen!

A busy day with everyone doing their part!  You can see my husband Jake in the middle in the hat... this is the only picture we got of him that day since he was taking the behind the scenes photos... but Mariela got this one!

A busy day with everyone doing their part! You can see my husband Jake in the middle in the hat… this is the only picture we got of him that day since he was taking the behind the scenes photos… but Mariela got this one!


Our Models were all gorgeous, but made even better by our amazing beauty team!  A big thank you to Cassie Hawkins-Leone for doing the hair for Rustic theme, Alice in Wonderland, and Fall!  Also, want to thank Alexa Brodsky for her beautiful updo on our Gatsby Bride.  Last but certainly not least, Alicia Wheeler for being our makeup artist for the day for all 4 brides and grooms!  You ladies did a fabulous job!

Alexa Brodsky, Hair Stylist

Alexa Brodsky, Hair Stylist

Alicia Wheeler, Makeup Artist

Alicia Wheeler, Makeup Artist

Cassie Hawkins-Leone, Hair Stylist

Cassie Hawkins-Leone, Hair Stylist

Next, of course, we couldn’t have done it without our other Vendors!

The fantastic cakes were designed and created by Dayle Zimmer, owner of “Baked By The Cake Addict“.

Our gorgeous flowers were designed by Bardwell’s Sun Valley Florist.

The rentals were provided by Dolphin Event Services in Pasadena.

The tuxes for all four grooms were provided by Friar Tux.

Dresses provided by Mary Me Bridal – Rustic and Gatsby,  Dolly Couture – Alice, and JoJo Designs – Fall.

Gatsby Favors provided by Paachi Chocolates.

Menu cards designed and provided by A-Alpha Wedding Invitations.

And of course, we can’t forget to thank my brother and Sister-in-law Jake and Alexa Brodsky, for allowing us to use their home and back yard for the shoot!

Dayle Zimmer, Owner of Baked By The Cake Addict

Dayle Zimmer, Owner of Baked By The Cake Addict

Lastly, I want to thank all our models, you were awesome and these pictures are going to be phenomenal!  Names listed below with a little bit about each theme!


Theme #1:

Rustic Wedding… a simply elegant mix of burlap & lace, soft colors, succulents, southern charm and a little whimsy!

Bride: Daria Melusina

Groom: Garrett Goldenberg

Garrett Goldenberg, Model - Rustic Groom and Daria Melusina, model - Rustic Bride

Garrett Goldenberg, Model – Rustic Groom and Daria Melusina, model – Rustic Bride

Daria Melusina, Model - Rustic Bride

Daria Melusina, Model – Rustic Bride


Theme #2:

Gatsby Glam Wedding… Black tie and incredibly glamorous, this wedding had it all, including a real life proposal!!!

Bride: Krystle Hays

Groom: Brian Herbert

Brian Herbet, model - Gatsby Groom and Krystle Hays, model - Gatsby Bride.

Brian Herbet, model – Gatsby Groom and Krystle Hays, model – Gatsby Bride.


Theme #3:

Alice in Wonderland Wedding… Whimsical and fun, this wedding will take you on a journey down the rabbit hole!

Bride: Chanel Creary

Groom: Ben Chun

Ben Chun, model - Alice Groom and Chanel Creary, model - Alice Bride

Ben Chun, model – Alice Groom and Chanel Creary, model – Alice Bride

Theme #4:

A Fall Wedding… perfect for an October wedding, this theme is beautifully subtle with a hint of glitz.

Bride: Amanda Warden

Groom: Isai Jaimes

Isai Jaimes, model - Fall Groom and Amanda Warden, model - Fall Bride

Isai Jaimes, model – Fall Groom and Amanda Warden, model – Fall Bride


Stay tuned for individual posts on each theme, showcasing the professional photos!